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Dear Students
You can also find out more about the internship program on the website of gender equality which is .
You can find more details about the program about it's purpose.. and the list of interns participating with their names and previous work experience. They usually select the interns in the fall (around September- November) and they will post it on their website.
The selection process is divided into three parts. The first part entails application forms and your CV. They will select based on your interest in the UN and previous work experience. Among these candidates who are selected, they take a written English exam called the TEPS (sponsored by Seoul National University) for the second part of the selection process. The third part is the interview.  A total of 15 interns are selected and another 5 are on the so-called 'waiting list'. 
So if any of the 15 interns decide to drop out the remaining 5 can take up their place and get sponsored for their internship abroad. 
Once they are selected, they will be interns in the next year for one whole year participating in various seminars and training programs. At the same time, they will be applying for internships at various UN institutions for their internship abroad. Once they get their offer, they inform the Ministry about it and they will be sponsored for 3-6 months for the internship program including air flight and living expenses which is enough to get by.
There is a two week training program at the Institute of foreign affairs and trade at the start of th year (this is the one which you could possibly participate in).

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