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UNITAR POCI/UN Peace Operations in the New Millenium
Syllabus General Course: UN Peace Operations and Related Issues
1.      Introduction/ Basic Research on Peace Operations (Books, Journals, Institutes, Resources on the Internet)
2.      The UN System with a Particular Emphasis on the Role of the Security Council
3.      Defining Peace Operations/ Basic Terminology
4.      Historical Overview of Peacekeeping The Four Generations of Peace Operations
5.      The Development of UN Peacekeeping – Challenges to Peace Operations
6.      Structure of UN Peacekeeping Operations
7.      Civilian Police
8.      UN Peacekeeping and Regional Organizations
9.      Peacekeeping and Terrorism
10. Refugees and Peacekeepers
11. Determining Success in Peace Operations (Review of Current Peace Operations)
Syllabus Specialised Course: Peace Operations and the Rule of Law
1.      The Rule of Law and its Relevance in Peace Operations.
2.      A Short Introduction to International Law/Legal Aspects of Peace Operations
3.      Peace Operations and Their Legal Basis
4.      The Legal Competence of Various Organs to Create Peace Operations
5.      Privileges and Immunities
6.      The Use of Force
7.      International Humanitarian Law and Peace Operations
8.      Human Rights and Peace Operations
9.      International Criminal Law and Peace Operations (International crimes, the Role of International Tribunals within the Context of Peace Operations)
10. Legal Aspects of UN Administrations
11. Protection of UN Peacekeepers

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