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Questions Peace & Security Course
Introduction to the United Nations System:
Which organization was the predecessor of the United Nations?
When did the United Nations come into existence?
What is the United Nations Charter?
What is the Preamble of the UN Charter?
What are the purposes and principles of the UN?
Which are the six principle organs of the UN?
What is the General Assembly?
What is the Security Council?
What is the Economic and Social Council?
What is the International Court of Justice?
What is the Trusteeship Council?
What is the Secretariat?
 The Role of the UN Secretary Generals

What is the role of the Secretary-General?
Which powers does the Secretary General have according to the UN Charter?
How do we evaluate the different SGs?
Korea and the United Nations
How would you describe the relationship between the United Nations and Korea?
What is South Korea’s contribution to the UN? 
What is the Korean policy in regard to South Korea’s participation in peacekeeping operation?
What have been the Korean issues debated at the United Nations?
How do you see the relationship between North and South Korea?
 What was the original plan of President Roosevelt for Korea?
When did North and South Korea become members of the United Nations?
Which dates are important in the history of the two Koreas and the United Nations?
Was the Korean War a civil war or an international war?
What was the legal basis of the UN’s action in the Korean War (please have a look at the UN Charter)?
What is the Uniting for Peace Resolution?
Who led the UN forces in 1950? How many nations did participate?
How did the Security Council react to the invasion?
Why was there no veto from the Soviet Union?
How did the Soviet Union react to the UN’s action?
What have been the advantages and disadvantages of the UN’s approach in the Korean War?
What is the status of the armistice agreement? Who are the parties to the agreement? Is South Korea a party
to armistice agreement?
Are there still unresolved issues from the Korean War?
Why did North Korea oppose the membership of South Korea to the UN?
How did the position change over a period of time?
What do you know about North Korean which escaped from the North? 
What is their legal status under international law?
What do you know about the nuclear weapons issues in regard to North Korea?
Is there any possibility for a UN intervention in North Korea?
What should the two Koreas do to solve their conflict? Which role should the UN and the international community

Peace Operations

How do we define peacekeeping operations?
Which missions have been successful, which missions have been a failure?
How has peacekeeping changed since the end of the cold war? 
What is the legal basis of peacekeeping?

Human Rights
When did Human Rights become part of International Law?
How do we define human rights?
What are the efforts of the UN in regard to Human Rights? 
International Humanitarian Law

What is International humanitarian Law?
What are the sources of international humanitarian law?
What are the origins of IHL?
What are the basic rules of IHL?
When does IHL apply?
What is the relationship between human rights and IHL?
What is the ICRC?
The Applicability of International Humanitarian Law to UN Peacekeepers
International Criminal Law

What are international crimes?
What was the Nuremberg Trial? Why have critics argued against the Major War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg and the Tokyo Trials?
Did the Nuremberg tribunal have jurisdiction over the crime of genocide? 
What other international criminal tribunals do you know?
How do you define genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the crime of aggression?
Is it correct to say that the Roman Emperor Caesar or Napoleon committed the crime of aggression?
What functions do international criminal tribunals serve? Do you think they help to make peace?
If a person from South Korea committs a war crime, would like to see him or her prosecuted by the ICC or by a Korean Court?
The Prohibition of the Threat and the Use of Force

 Did international law prohibit the use of force before the 20th century?
 Did the Covenant of the League of Nations prohibit the waging of wars?
 What is the Briand-Kellog Pact?
 How does the UN Charter regulate the use of force?
 Which articles are relevant?
 Which language does the SC use when it is authorizing the use of force?
 Does the UN Charter prohibit civil wars?
 Why did the Kosovo and the Iraq War in 2003 break out?
 What have been the arguments used in case of Kosovo and Iraq?
 Why have the Kosovo and Iraq War been criticized?
 Is the United Nations still relevant after the Iraq War?
 Should states have a right to humanitarian intervention?
 Should states have a right to pre-emptive self-defence?

What is terrorism?
Has terrorism changed since September 11?
Why do terrorist commit crimes against innocent civilians?
What is the United Nations doing against terrorism?
Why has the so called war against terrorims been criticized?
What is the relationship between peace operations and terrorism? Should peacekeepers fight terrorism?
What do you think about terrorism? Do you think there is a threat in Korea?
Weapons of Mass Destruction

What are Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Why do States use Weapons of Mass Destruction?
What is the UN’s role in regard to WMD? 
What are the major treaties dealing with WMD?

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