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Recommended Books 
Books for Beginners
Fasulo, L.: An Insider’s Guide to the UN, Yale University Press, 2003.
Traub, J.: The Best Intensions. Kofi Annan and the UN in the Era of American World Power, 2006.  
Commentaries/ Encyclopedias/Handbooks
Goodrich, L.M./Hambro, E./Simmons, A.P.: Charter of the United Nations. Commentary and Documents, New York, 1969.
Simma, B. (Eds.): The Charter of the United Nations. A Commentary, München/Oxford, 2002.
Volger, H. (Eds.): A Concise Encyclopedia of the United Nations, The Hague/London/New York, 2002.
Weiss, T.G. and Daws, S. (Eds.): The Oxford Handbook on the United Nations , Oxford, May 2007.
The United Nations System
Bailey, S.D./Daws, S. (Eds.):The United Nations. A Concise Political Guide, Lanham, 1995
Bertrand, M.: The United Nations. Past, Present and Future, The Hague, 1997.
Finkelstein, L.S. (Eds.): Politics in the United Nations System, Durham/London, 1988.
Kang, Sung-Hack (Ed.):The United Nations and Global Crisis Management, Seoul, 2004.
Krasno, J.E. (Eds.): The United Nations: Confronting the Challenges of a Global Society, Boulder, 2004.
Luard, E.: The United Nations. How it Works and What it Does, New York, 1995.
Rittberger, V. (Eds.): Global Governance and the United Nations System, New York, 2000.
Roberts, A./Kingsbury, B.: United Nations, Divided World. The UN’s Roles in International Relations, 2. Vol.., Oxford, 1993.
Thakur, R. : The United Nations, Peace and Security, Cambridge, 2006.
United Nations: “Basic Facts About the United Nations”, 2003.
History of the United Nations
Schlesinger, S.C.: Act of Creation: The Founding of the United Nations, Boulder, 2003.
Hilderbrand, R.C.: Dumbarton Oaks. The Origins of the United Nations and the Search for Postwar Security, Chapel Hill/London, 1990.
Luard, E.: A History of the United Nations. Vol. I: The Years of Western Domination, 1945-1955, London 1982; Vol. II: The Age of Decolonization, 1955-1965, London, 1989.
Russell, R.B./Muther, J.E.: A History of the United Nations Charter. The Role of the United States 1940-1945, Washington D.C., 1958.
Korea and the United Nations
Chi Young Pak: Korea and the United Nations, The Hague, London, Boston, 2000.
Kang, Sung-Hack: ‘The Special Relationship between South Korea and the United Nations: Metamorphosis from a Beneficiary into a Benefactor and Vice Versa’ in Langholtz, Kondoch, Wells, International Peacekeeping: The Yearbook of International Relations, 2007, 159-202.  
Kang, Sung-Hack: UN, PKO and East Asian Security: Currents, Trends and Prospects, Seoul, 2002 (see also the other publications of the Korean Academic Council on the United Nations System).
The General Assembly
Bailey, S.D.: The General Assembly of the United Nations, New York , 1960.
Finley, B.: The Structure of the General Assembly: its Committees, Commissions and other Organs, 1946-1973, 3 Vol., Dobbs Ferry/N.Y., 1977.
Peterson, M.J.: The UN General Assembly, (Global Institutions Series), London/New York , 2006.
The Secretary General
Bailey, S.D.: The Secretariat of the United Nations, New York 1964.
Gordenker, L.:The UN Secretary-General and Secretariat (Global Institutions Series), London/New York 2005.
Meron, T.: The United Nations Secretariat: The Rules and Practice, Lexington 1977.
Schwebel, S.M.: The Secretary-General of the United Nations: His Political Powers and Practice, New York 1952.
Chesterman, S.: Secretary or General: The UN Secretary-General in World Politics, Cambridge, 2007.
The Security Council
Bailey, S.D./Daws, S.: The Procedure of the UN Security Council, Oxford 1998.
Fassbender, B.: UN Security Council Reform and the Right of Veto: A Constitutional Perspective, The Hague 1998.
Luck, E.C:: UN Security Council. Practice and Promise, Oxon, 2006.
Malone, D.M. (Ed.) : The UN Security Council: From the Cold War to the 21st Century, Boulder/London 2004.
Patil, A.J.: The UN Veto in World Affairs 1946-1990: A Complete Record and Case Histories of the Security Council's Veto, Sarasota 1992.
Peace Operations
Bellamy, A.J., Williams, P., Griffin, S.:Understanding Peacekeeping, Cambridge, 2004 .
Kondoch, B.:International Peacekeeping, The Library of Essays in International Law, Aldershot, 2007.
MacQueen, N.: Peacekeeping and the International System, London and New York, 2006.
Ramsbotham, O., Woodhouse, T.: Encyclopaedia of International Peacekeeping, Santa Barbara, 1999.
The United Nations and International Law
Cassese, A.:International Law, Oxford, 2001, 275-324.
Malanczuk, P.: Akehurst’ Modern Introduction to International Law, 7th Ed., 2002, 385-430.
Jonyer, C.: The United Nations and International Law, Cambridge 1997.
White, N.D: Collective Security, Aldershot, 2005.
White, N.D.: Keeping the Peace. The United Nations and the Maintenance of International Peace and Security, Manchester, 1993.
Wolfrum, R. (Eds.): United Nations: Law, Policies and Practice, 2 Vol., München/Dordrecht , 1995.
The Reform of the United Nations 
Beigbeder, Y.: United Nations Organizations. The Long Quest for Reform, Houndmills/London, 1997.
Fassbender, B.: UN Security Council Reform and the Right of Veto. A Constitutional Perspective, The Hague, 1998.
Thakur, R./Cooper, A.F../English, J. (Eds.): International Commissions and the Power of Ideas, Tokio/New York, 2005.

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