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1.  Introduction/ Basic Research on the United Nations (Books, Journals, Institutes, Resources on the Internet)
2.  From the League of Nations to the United Nations/ The UN System
3.  Korea and the United Nations (Korea’s Contribution to the United Nations, Korean Issues: The Korean War and the United Nations, Nuclear Weapons and North Korea, The Status of the North Korean Refugees, Tokdo)
4.  Peace and Law (Introduction to International Law, The International Court of Justice, International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law)
5.  The Role of the Security Council, the GA and the Secretary-General/ the Role of Regional Organizations
6.  Peace Operations (Overview, Challenges, Case Studies: East Timor, Rwanda and Somalia)
7.  Peace and International Criminal Law (From Nuremberg to Rome: The Work of International Criminal Tribunals)
8.  International Law and the Use of Force (Kosovo and the Right to Humanitarian Intervention, Implications of the Iraq War 2003)
9.  Weapons of Mass Destruction
10.  The United Nations and International Terrorism
11.  The Sanctions Debate
12. Soft Security Perspectives (Human Security)/ The Reform of the United Nations

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